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    [RC] English saddles and opinions - Andrea Day

    ok ok OK!!!
    I take that back about
    All the english [saddles] have lightly attached rings,

    To which Kathy replied:

    Boy did you open a can of worms with this post. Your
    opinions are certainly valid, but they are your opinions
    and other people's experiences may vary. A lot.

    Of course they do! Got lots of flack for that one! :P

    But I must say that everyone who replied mentioned custom ring attachment, restuffing, or restitching on their English at one point or another in their posts! ;)

    You can KEEP that OH s&*% handle (horn)on the Westerns, but I still stand by the idea that it doesn't hurt to have a little something for security in an endurance saddle, whether it be poleys on an Aussi, the pommel of a Western style, or the built in thigh rolls of an English style. Stuff happens. And especially stuff happens out on the trail. Isn't that why helmets are a good idea?

    If you're riding a straight up English, more power to you. For those who have better balance in an English than I do--I salute you.

    As I said, what ever works well for the rider and the horse is the saddle that's best for YOU!


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