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    [RC] The worry about newbies:) - kit kat


    When I first came on here, I asked about a training program..... I had TONS of ppl email me with GREAT training programs(this was many moons ago, but thanks to all that did) But everyones stressed to take it slow and easy. Its funny how some ppls opinions are so biased. And so many non endurance ppl think endurance is mean and creul. Well, The new gelding I got is turning out to be more green then I realized... thats ok though... well, yesterday, I was going to get a full set of shoes on him... well, he his one fully on, the other held by 2 nails. My farrier is a trainer/farrier/raises race horses/been there done that kind of guy. So we talked over what to do about this. We both agreed that he has a resistance problem, and when asked to do something he does not want to do, he get fustrated and pushy... so, I had a mare like this before, and hobbling worked wonders.... He suggested it first, and I agreed. So today, I head out to my barn. ALL the horses in my barn are not ridden. They are lawn orniments and they SHOULD be used... its a waste of a good horse I think. There is this one westfalian mare, that the owner rides once in a blue moon. So I go there today, and sure enough, she is there. She is tacking up her mare, that is about 200lbs overweight and has not been riden for 2 months at least. So, I head over to my paddock and put the hobbles on, OF COURSE my gelding freaks out and jumps around like a dork till he found his feet. Then he figured out that you need to take BABY steps:) took him 5 mins to get it..... no big deal. So I leave them on, and go to do my stall. She walk in and said "what are you doing?" I said, teaching him resistance training, and teaching him to hobble for camping. she say " do you think that is apropriate, just leave him be" so I ignore her and clean my stall. Now, im done my stalls, and head out. There is a trainer there that I DOOOOOOOOO NOTTTTTT LIKEEEEEEEEE. His idea of trailing a young horse is to use whips and spurs(I know, I started horses for him) So, up he goes, trot right away...ok whatever... so I go, catch prozac, take hobbles off, brush him, put his fly sheet on, Head back out, put hobbles on again, let him go, go grab him lunch, go grab our new mare lunch(alot of walking and time here), go put a fly mask on new mare, and all this time(a good 45 mis) the guy is on this mare and troting and cantering, NO WALKING... She is covered head to toe in sweat and blowing and huffing... Then he just hops of, takes the saddle off and lets her go in the ring.... I was so disgusted. Here she is telling me to leave my horse alone and what I am doing is not apropriate, but riding an unfit horse to death is ok. Now I know why EVERYONE stressed take it slow. I felt so sorry for that mare. It would be like asking a unfit person to run a LD ride. NO WAY. So sad what ppl will do to there horses and how niave ppl can be. Anyway, enough about my rambling.... just thought I would share what I have seen and Why I can understand WHY ppl that help newbies are so worried that they will be niave:)

    Sarah + prozac + Penny + Chance
    Chilliwack BC, Canada

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