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    [RC] GPS/FEI rides - Wrecksduke

    "I'm not sure about all FEI rides, but I do know that they use radios when 
    they race at the UAE rides, which I assume are FEI sanctioned.  The sheiks 
    run around in their 4 wheelers and radio in to their individual riders (one 
    sheik has ten or so riders) as to what speed to travel and what place they 
    are in.  He directs, the riders obey."
    At the 20 Mule Team 100 this year, I was crewing for my husband while caring 
    for a 2 year old and a 6 month old baby.  Just for fun and to make it more 
    fun for me, we had those little radios that have a 2 mile or so radius.  
    It was nice to know when he was about two miles out from a VC so that I could 
    be ready and just to have something else to do aside from changing diapers 
    and keeping the kids entertained and fed.  
    One of the officials asked if my husband was in the FEI event because it was 
    not allowed and he could be disqualified.  Well he wasn't.
    I guess someone thinks that it would give you an unfair advantage to be in 
    communication with your rider and may help with strategizing .... knowing 
    where your competition was, etc.
    It was nice to have them for the good ol' AERC race/ride.  Has anyone ever 
    ridden with their cell phone?
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