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    Re: [RC] AERC and LD - Howard Bramhall

    Beautifully written!  I think the only ones who should split off into a separate organization are the ones who came up with this idea in the first place.  They could call themselves the "Egos as Big as Our Butts ASSociation".  haha.  Sorry, if that offended you, I can't help myself sometimes.
    Ignore them, they will go away.  Only idiots and morons would want AERC to become less in membership numbers.  There is strength in numbers, and being a horse owner, which is a minority club, we need all the numbers we can get.
    Howard (oh man, I hope I don't regret forwarding this one to Ridecamp)
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    From: Dot Wiggins
    Sent: Tuesday, July 09, 2002 9:13 PM
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    Subject: [RC] AERC and LD
    I see some talk of a separate organization for LD riders.
    This makes no sense to me.  In the first place, as an equestrian group we are pretty small at best, and don't have much clout.    If we split off part of our members we lose some of our influence for trails, legislation, etc.  Those of us who ride both endurance and LD would have to join both?   Forget it.
    Awards?  AERC has a huge slate, both regionally and nationally,  for endurance.     LD riders have lifetime miles recorded, and LD horses have miles recorded now.   That's all many of the endurance horses and riders ever get.    Maybe there should be some agreements between regions for LD  BC, or keep this award in regions only.   Maybe more recognition for number of completions, etc., in each region.    How does this take anything from the other distances?  
     Everyone needs to do what fits for each rider, each horse, each ride,  enjoy it,  take pride in the accomplishment.
    Lets not forget the changes that have happened since AERC began.
    "In the good old days" almost everyone who did endurance was an experienced horseman (universal term, girls, don't get excited).  Almost all of the horses were already mature, hard working critters.  They usually grew up and lived in pastures, often really big pastures.  Both riders and horses were no strangers to long days and many miles.
    Today many riders live in or near populated areas.  Many are new to horses in general, not mind endurance.  They have to start somewhere.
    Lots of horses are born and raised in confined places, and don't grow up with the skills to handle rough going. 
    There needs to be a way to get out in the world of trails for both.
    Even many folks that have all the knowledge live far from places to train and condition horses.  They have jobs an families that must come first,  and not the time to condition.    There are many reasons to ride the shorter distances. Don't knock it, just go ride.
    If AERC as an organization, and endurance  as a sport for many to enjoy, is to grow, we must make it practical for all to take part.
    LD rides fit perfectly.  Even the shorter "introductory trail rides" that are being included in some areas are a big help to new riders and horses. 
    Many rides could not exist without the added income from the LDs and trail rides.  
    As far as "racing" the LDs goes, I have known quite a few folks to finish fast and get BC too,  including high vet score, at a number of rides thru quite a few years with the same horses.  Don't think they are hurting the horses any.   
    Up the starting age from 4 to 5??    With nowhere to take the youngsters many will just wait another year to get ridden and go to rides no better off then some are now. 
    Let's not even think about another organization.  AERC can fit in all of us.  
    Keep on riding!!!!!!!!!