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    [RC] electric fence - Kathy & Mike Kelly

    My perimeter fence is mesh on t-posts, and it also makes up 2 sides of the lot my horses spend alot of time in.  My neighbor, who owns the land next to me on these 2 sides, is planning to start using that land for pasture soon.  We're expecting that since our horses will just be separated by that mesh fence now, that they'll start hanging on it, etc and it will get beat up.  So we'd like to string an electric wire across the top to preserve our fence.
    Is this something we can do ourselves?  Any helpful hints for me?  I'm looking at a solar charger and tape (instead of wire).
    Also, she thinks we should also have a wire 1/2 way up because her mares have rubbed against her fences and torn them up.  I think that having just a top wire will keep the horses off the fence, and am not sure how we'd run a wire 1/2 way up anyway.
    Kathy Kelly
    Parks AZ