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    [RC] Apache trailers/light weight trailers - Ridecamp Guest

    A. Perez walkergirl@xxxxxxxxxx
      In response to the ad posted here for a 'lightweight' Apache trailer... is anyone else here familiar with this brand?  I am only familiar with Brenderup, which is VERY expensive.  Are the Apaches as light?  Are ther other brands out there that don't require a big truck?  I looked at some web sights, but none of them made the big deal out of being lightweight that Brenderup does. Also there are features beside weight that Brenderup claims make it feasible to pull their trailer with a car, such as intertial breaking.  I drive a Ford Ranger (don't recall all the specs but it has a slightly 'souped-up' engine: 6 cyl, I think?  Obviously I am not a motor-head!).  I really don't want to get a new truck in order to pull a trailer, as I use my truck to commute to work and don't want to do that in a gas-guzzler.
      Any advise/comments are most welcome!
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