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    Re: [RC] Pasture - Onefarmgirl

    In a message dated 7/8/02 9:26:12 AM Pacific Daylight Time, 
    provincmk@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx writes:
    << > You should be fine as long as you keep your pregnant mares off the
     > pasture for the at least the last 3 months of pregnancy.
     This is what I was told - I had five pregnant mares on 50% fescue pasture
     and took them off 100 days before the expected foaling date.   Four of the
     five retained placentas that year.   I haven't been willing to try (fescue)
    I also took my mare off in the last few months of her pregnanacy, which may 
    have saved my baby.   The mare made VERY LITTLE milk, we had to hand feed the 
    baby, but the mare did make colostrum, and enough milk to supplement the 
    foal.  Placenta was peculiar and toughened per the vet.   I suspect there may 
    be a little recognized continuum of severity of this problem.   The mare's 
    5th baby and never a problem before or since.
    pat farmer
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