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    [RC] Endurance on a preganant horse???? - kit kat

    Hello Eveyone,

    Well Prozac(My new gelding) is doing great. It has been pouring here, so no chance to ride him again after the first walking ride at my place. BUT alas........we are nuts. My mom has wanted a horse, so we stopped off at place with standardbreds. Well, turns out we know the lady, we had free leased a mare from her ex-husband. So she offered us 1/2 ownership in this REALLY nice mare. But she is breed yearly to get foals as she is bred to a AWSOME stallion. # one stallion in BC every year. His foals sell for BIG bucks. We get the breeders bonus from any foals, so its a good deal... hard to explain to someone that does not know about standardbreds... so anyway. This mare is well broke. Out of shape and has a foal at foot(leaves in 2 months) and 1 month in foal. She has clean legs except an old slpint on her hind leg on the near side. So I was wondering. If I put the miles into, very slow of course, and put them into my gelding at the same time. Could I do endurance on her? There is one ride held 1 hour away from me. It is held in july. Now her foal next year would be born in march, the ride is in june. So I figured I could do it on her.... The last mare I sold was in foal as well, and I was doing a conditioning program on her(but never planed the baby, or never planed on breeding her again) What do you guys think? I forgot how much I love the pace. This is how well broke she is. I went to see her on saturday, rode her and she had not been ridden since before the foal. We took her home that day. Then yesterday, my mom lead the foal and I hoped on bareback(no saddle to fit her, REALLY high withers) and rode her back to the barn and she was GREAT. So, I would Really like to work her for it as well, so I have a back up horse, and so my mom can keep up with me. She only rides once a week(once she get her confidence up, she has not riden much since her mare passed away in 1997) So what do you guys think? And I would ONLY ever considering a 25 miler. Thanks for anyones input.


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