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    [RC] Pasture - Rides 2 Far

    > Where are you located geographically?  If you're in the Southeast,
    orchardgrass doesn't do well unless you're in a mountainous  area--
    I'm in the Northwest corner of Georgia, just outside Chattanooga, TN. My
    hay is grown 40 miles from here on "Sand Mountain" Alabama. It is
    slightly cooler on the mountain, and it really is a very nice sandy soil
    there. Chances are some of you are eating the red potatoes my zillions of
    cousins up there grow.  I'd also love to get my hands on some Timothy.
    The Tifton 44 is good hay. A vet who buys from my guy had his tested and
    the guys at Auburn said it was some of the best they'd seen...but the
    horses do get bored with the same flavor 365 days a year.
    Angie (the person who shamelessly runs around at Biltmore collecting left
    over hays from other parts of the country to take home.)
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