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    Re: [RC] Fw: Encouragement needed. . . - Cocomix3

    thanx. Well, I think it is good you are teaching him to back up better and safer even if you don't use that trick on the trail. Its always good to be able to back them up. I went out riding just a while ago and I was a little nervous about putting him in front of the other horse. But I did and koco challenged me but I was really fast and i tapped him with some force (but really a little bit) and then he obeyed and kept going forward. I was soooo proud!!!! The whole time we were out riding he didn't try it again. I am sooo proud! But the thing is, is that he will do it tomorrow. So I am not giving up and hopefully maybe in a couple years he will grow out of it. I am positive that if koco can be good rascal can me good. We both just have to work on it!!
    Well next time you go out, tell me about it

    Good luck
    michelle Schifman

    ps. What state do you live in?
    I am in Malibu California