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    Re: [RC] Fly control - Lisa Redmond

    NO NO NO NO NO---DON'T DO IT!!!!!!!!!
    Sheesh.  Bet these folks also advocate it for use on their kids.  Used,
    fresh, sterile--doesn't matter--motor oil is toxic. Don't these people ever
    read warning labels? It can be absorbed through their skin, and we all know
    horses use their noses and teeth to scratch their legs.
    Here's what the 7th edition of the Merck Vet Manual has to say about
    petroleum product poisoning:  "Lubricating oils and greases are hazardous
    more because of toxic additives or contaminates (e.g., highly chlorinated
    naphthalenes, lead) than because of natural petroleum constituents.  On
    occasion, waste oils have contained highly toxic substances such as
    Bill Engvahl has a sign waiting for those people...sigh....
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    [RC] Fly control, Lif Strand