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    [RC] Sharon Saare saddle questions - Lif Strand

    I am going to be putting a Sharon Saare saddle on eBay. I have some questions about it that maybe someone on this list could answer.

    On the fenders there is a circular stamp at the bottom that says
    VEACH MADE (the two words form a cross)

    Monroe Veach
    Trenton MO (these two lines circle around the cross)

    Are all Sharon Saare saddles made by Monroe Veach, or are there a number of saddle makers? If the latter, are some worth more than others?

    I put a tape measure from the edge of the seat in front to the edge in the back and get 15". Is that how these saddles are measured or are they measured like English saddles, from the rivet on the side of the pommel to the back of the cantle?

    On a piece of leather attached from a concho on the left front are some numbers. What do they mean?

    There are more numbers stamped on the skirt behind the cantle. What do they mean?

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