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  • - Lynne Glazer
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    Re: [RC] Horse feed - Rob

    Good point Bob,
    I might as well add that an hour or so after my six eat their alfalfa
    they start rummaging through the sandbox. While doing this I've seen
    them consume sticks, twigs, prickly pear cactus, Joshua trees (the
    entire tree) grease wood bush, sage, rosemary, foxtails, 4X4 treated
    fence posts, plastic electric fence insulators, paper bags, 2X8's, the
    Christmas tree after Christmas, other assorted trees, almonds (hull,
    shell, nut, and tree), cedar fence planks and posts, horse crap, plastic
    water barrels, rubber buckets, lead ropes, halters, leather reins,
    winter blankets, zinc coating on galvanized pipe, dirt, and two 4'X8'
    sheets of 1/2' ADX plywood (obviously a delicacy to equines) They looked
    so proud of themselves as they stood there looking at me with their
    heads protruding through what used to be the barn wall.
    Some days they prefer the water that has the salad growing in it. Other
    days they prefer the cleaner stuff. One year during the Castle Rock ride
    in Santa Cruz CA, it got very hot and humid, my horse preferred the mud
    puddle water for drinking and the clean, clear, cold water of the river
    for swimming in.
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