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    Re: [RC] [RC] equine tape worms (ugh!) - Magnumsmom

    Double Strongid or Triple Strongid is effective and safe
    in treating tape worms.  Irregardless, my most excellent
    vet back in CA recommended I worm with double strongid once 
    a year.  I read triple strongid in Equus a couple years 
    ago.  Equus reported something like 95% kill rate for
    double strongid and 100% kill rate for triple.  That's
    2x or 3x normal dose for your horse's weight in one dosage.
    I believe that Equus issue also had an article linking tape
    worms to colic.  I don't know if the 95% kill rate means
    it kills 95% of the tape worms in the horse, or if it means 
    it kills 100% of the tape worms in 95% of the horses...
    With the safety margin on strongid being something over
    100x normal dose, this is infact very safe.  I don't know
    if daily strongid has been shown to be effective against
    tapes, but I would imagine not as you need to get the
    concentration up in a single pass.
    My worming regime looks something like:
    double strongid  (for tapes)
    pancur purge  (for encysted strongyles)
    An interesting note, a friend of mine got an ivermectin
    injection worming for her horse from her vet.  The horse
    developed circular sores from thread worms migrating to
    the surface and then dying.  It was obnoxious and she
    didn't ride when the sores were the worst, but what's more 
    obnoxious?  Having sores for a while, or knowing your horse 
    has threadworms that the paste wormers haven't killed?  She
    worms religiously on about the same schedule as I do so
    the worming schedule wasn't the issue, just getting the
    concentration up high enough I guess.
    Pancur, Strongid, and Ivermectin are all very safe wormers.
    I'm not comfortable yet with moxidectin personally.  It 
    has a much narrower safety window. I don't use it in my horses and I don't use it in the new heartworm injection in 
    my dog.  Accidently overdose a dog with ivermectin, and 
    they have neurological problems and then they recover.  Overdose a dog with moxidectin and they die. 
    Yup, we adopted a cattle dog.  What a great breed for around 
    these here parts...
    Kathy Myers
    in Santa Fe, NM
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