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    Re: [RC] Bucking horse - DESERTRYDR1

    Most horses don't buck unless hey have a reason.  Lots of times it's pain.  
    What kind of saddle are they riding him in, and has anyone checked the fit?  
    Particularly with a horse that is okay for a while, then starts bucking, I 
    would look for a source of pain.  Saddle fit, bit (check teeth) body soreness 
    due to proceeding faster with the training than the horse can handle are all 
    If it were my horse, and I wanted to keep it, not as a pasture potato but as 
    a riding horse, I would start right back at the beginning with lead training, 
    go slow, and watch for the first signs of resistance.  When you (meaning the 
    owner) see signs like tail swishing, or teeth grinding or fussing with the 
    bit, you need to figure out what your doing that's different from before he 
    started the behavior.  Then you need to look at if you can do something 
    different that changes his reaction.  Each horse is different.  One method 
    does not work for all horses.  A good trainer will analyze the behavior 
    before it gets to the bucking stage and try a different approach.  Good luck, 
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