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    [RC] Bucking horse - Rae Callaway

      Need some possibles.  One of my boarders, a 4 year old Appaloosa gelding - thoroughbred type and very long and lanky - is having some problems and now 2 trainers have said he is un trainable.  Casper was sent off for saddle training last summer.  He was doing good for 2 months until the woman trainer went away to Worlds.  She came back and he had become a bucking horse.  She, with the owner's ok, sent him off to a "cowboy" who was good at working with bucking horses.  He had Casper for 3 weeks and then sent him home saying the horse was mentally retarded.  (I felt that Casper was a pretty sensitive horse and just didn't take well to the "force them into submission style of training.  I also feel that the original woman trainer's husband worked with Casper while she was away and did something to make Casper fearful).  Ok, so Casper was brought home and didn't go away for training again until 2 months ago.  This was a different type of trainer, more of a natural horsemansh ip type.  He was doing good with Casper for a month and said Casper was bucking out of fear.  Also took him to a chiropractor and had him realigned.  Well, 2 weeks ago, Casper started bucking again and this time the trainer could not find any reason why.  Had him checked out physically and found nothing.  Casper didn't seem to be spooking at anything either.  Apparently his bucking is a very dangerous type and this trainer has now said that Casper cannot be trained.  So, I guess what we're looking for is any suggestions as to what we can try with Casper, or what to look for as to reasons for this bucking and if it's at all possible that he can be trained or if we should write him off as a pasture potato.
    --- Rae Callaway
    --- Tall C Arabians - SE Texas

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