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    RE: [RC] Pasture - Bob Morris

    Well Tom, we have a pasture of about 100 acres that is supporting seven horses quite well so far. Our total  moisture this year is 3.2 inches where the average is about 7.4 for this time of the year.
    Now, the price you have to pay for pasture in this country is annual grasses like downy brome (cheat grass) Rush Skeleton Weed, Rabbit Brush, Thistles, Prickly Lettuce, False Dandelion, and all those other things called noxious weeds. The horses eat them all and do quite well. Then they top it all off with a bit of poplar leaves, a few locust buds and some Fillaree for desert.
    Just get out the "Weeds of the West" and you can find the contents of our pasture.
    We do have to supplement a bale of hay per day now it it really dry.
    No sign of moisture until mid September.

    Bob Morris
    Morris Endurance Enterprises
    Boise, ID

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    Just returning from mowing dry weeds and another pasture just seeded this spring dying (such beautiful clover it was or may be if we get some rain).  And reading on RC other parts of the country having the same problem (yesterdays Washington Post front page Drought.... and the end times  here now)  There has to be a forage that can grow in these climatic extremes and provide sustanence to the herds thruout the world.  Being an Ornamental Horticulterist, not an Olericulterist, or a Turf or Forage Specialist.  What is this forage for pasture?  tom sites

    [RC] Pasture, goearth