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    Re: [RC] Completion rate of Masters Series - Truman Prevatt

    We in the AERC honor endurance - staying power. We particularly honer those horses that run at the top of their game and for many miles. Just look at the AERC Hall of Fame to see what endurance is about in the United States. It's not about blowing three horses out to win a prize. It's not about one race wonders. It's about good solid horses ridden by smart horsemen.

    The funny thing (actually sad) but ironic is to look at TB racing. This is something most endurance riders look down on. They blow out their horses. But look again! In TB racing it's the horse that gets the glory, not the rider. How many people can name the jockey of Man O'War, Seattle Slew, Secretariat, etc. The ones that get listed as the "twenty greatest" who are they. Well they are for example Fargo, Cigar, John Henry - the ones with the staying power. John Henry won "Horse of the Year" at age 9. To win the Triple Crown it is one horse winning all three races - independent of who rides him, who owns him or who trains him. It is about the horse. You can't win the triple crown by using three horses!

    Now look at the FEI Master's Series. It's horse be damned - they only have to last one ride. Could it be that the FEI has sunk lower than TB racing in concern for the horse? Is this the direction the FEI is going in endurance? Is this something we can support?

    I wish the US team the best. I know five of the six and they are smart veteran endurance riders with their heads screwed on right. The one I don't know was trained by MB and that's good enough for me. They will do us proud.

    Good luck and God's Speed - we are beind you.


    Rides 2 Far wrote:
    Only when you throw in racing speeds as you are seeing in the >Masters

    There are some good horses being run too hard and retiring too soon these
    days...and don't pay any attention to the wonderful write-ups about what
    a great job the rider did. It's not unusual for a horse to get his
    completion at one of these big rides...and then you don't see him any
    more. I think they've intentionally set up their system to favor the
    rider who has a string of horses, usually on more than one continent.

    I feel for our team taking their good horses that they've put years into
    to the WEG. They don't want to let down their country, but they don't
    want to hurt their horses either. (I've not heard anything good about
    the course in Spain.) As far as I'm concerned, if they ride their horses
    to the best of their ability within safe parameters, I'll be more proud
    of them for taking care of their horses than if they were to bring home a
    gold and have to retire their horse. Who knows, they ma y get the gold by
    easing up to the edge of the bluff that has a pile of riders at the base
    who overshot.


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    [RC] Completion rate of Masters Series, Rides 2 Far