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    Re: [RC] RT Muffin / MC Ram Z / Blue List - Heidi Smith

    RT Muffin was 5 when he started his endurance career.  (Can't remember--he may have done an LD at 4, but I'm not sure--he came right out of the box at 5 and was fairly competitive his first year, but I do know he was ridden for a year or two before that.)  I'm not sure how old Rams Z is (he's not registered), but he started his career in 1991.  AERC shows him with a 100% completion rate, with 93 rides to his credit, and the "worst" placing being a couple of 8th places...
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    Does anyone know the ages of RT Muffin, MC Ram Z and Blue List when they started their endurance career?  Heidi I'm sure you could help with the first two and maybe Randy E. can inform me on Blue List.


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    [RC] RT Muffin / MC Ram Z / Blue List, Roxi Anderson