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    RE: [RC] weight classes definitions? - John A. Teeter

    >Isn't there a "slop" factor of so many percent... - I suppose for us heavyweights, 4% would be a sizable slop factor.
    8.5.3 Each rider riding for weight division points may be weighed at any
    ride. Any other rider has the right to challenge the weight of a
    competitor and request a weighing. Management must exercise reasonable discretion in making allowances
    for normal weight loss of rider during competition and inaccuracy of ride
    scales. (A 4% allowance applied evenly to all competitors would be
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    Isn't there a "slop" factor of so many percent to take into account such
    things as weight loss during the ride, inaccurate scales at ride sites,
    etc.?  I think there is but too lazy to look it up:-).
    John A. Teeter wrote:
    >The weight classes are defined in the AERC Rules:
    >8.5.2 There are also weight divisions within the Senior Division.
    >Competitors are recorded in weight divisions as indicated in the ride
    > Heavyweight, consisting of riders whose combined body weight and
    >tack is 211 pounds or more.
    > Middleweight, consisting of riders whose combined body weight and
    >tack is from 186 to 210 pounds.
    > Lightweight, consisting of riders whose combined body weight and
    >tack is from 161 to 185 pounds.
    > Featherweight, consisting of riders whose combined body weight and
    >tack is 160 pounds or below.
    > For a rider to stay within a weight division he/she must meet the
    >minimum requirement but need not stay under the maximum parameter.
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    Re: [RC] weight classes definitions?, Truman Prevatt