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    Re: [RC] Sorbathane and Human Conditioning - goearth

    Fat and weak is one thing.  But Heavy and Strong is another thing entirely.  My R&T Mentor Lani Newcomb makes fun of herself as she kicked my skinny butt.  Weight is like everything else in Life...its Relative.  I meant NO Offense when i used that word.  But Lani, has taught me Humor and i Love Her and i Respect Her for the accomplishments she has made in the Sport utilizing her genetic weakness to make it a strength and constantly finding it all FUN. So, if you are 110lbs or 310 lbs.  Get in shape and help your horse.  tom sites
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    I will agree with Tom that both the horse and rider should be in shape. But looks alone cannot tell you the condition of the person. To look at me you would think I work out alot. Not true, tho' I used to. I remember one time when I was first training on bicycles and was riding up a very steep road called "the bluffs". I was about to call it quits, just too hard going, when a lady passed me like I was sitting still. She had to have been every bit of 50 pounds overweight, but she pedaled up that hill like it was a flat road! That was when I realized that looks can be very deceiving. Now I encourage people that may be over weight to do what they can, as any workout will get you in shape. You may not be thin and trim, but that doesn't mean you aren't in shape. As long as the rider is being careful with their horse, there isn't any reason a heavy ride can't do this sport. Even a heavy rider has to have balance and ability, or else their horses back will show that they don't. And balance comes with muscle control. (Just my 2 cents worth)
    Lori B.
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    Finally, i see some topics being discussed on RC that i find pertinant and enlightening and not just one line dribbles.  Years ago on TV, i saw this show on Sorbathane.  It was a product that absorbed concussion and my mind went to pads for the horse to alleviate stress immediately.  They showed a persons hand being smashed with a hammer and put the Sorbathane between the hand and hammer and the person was not hurt.  Lo and behold someone came up with the idea for horse pads so i tried it but it didn't work because it disintergrated from wear.  Now after a decade or more there has to be advancement on this subject because from my perspective it was a great idea.  My question?  Does this product exist now in an advanced state of molecular cohesion?  Because to me it makes sense to use something of this type especially the way the trails of today are being planned to flat sprint and courses like the OD.  In regards to Human Conditioning i said it all along that the second half of the Team (Human) is not as Well Trained as the Equine and this is a Lazy Persons Sport.  The BEST Athelete i know in this Sport is Jean Licthenberger/Heishman my ex R&T Partner.  She trains and is to me the epitamy of conditioning and if she had a horse half as good as she they would be AWSOME.  I see fat people racing horses they have no right to put the horse thru, but this is America and they should be able to do it, Heh?  Sport to me should be how Nations settle Conflict and fight War because the young are always the one to die for the old men.  Well this Sport Endurance is one of the few that the participants themselves DO NOT TRAIN.  We sit back and expect the Horse to do it all.  So from my perspective, if one is really serious, then they should seriously train themselves also. Get off your butts and walk or better yet RUN......... tom sites