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    [RC] HW/BC - Laura Hayes

    >>>>>>Truman wrote:  Those riders no matter what weight that have the
    > dedication to also condition themselves so their team can
    > do it's best
    > should be commended.

    >>>>>MB wrote:  Amen to that.  I remember the Tevis a few years back when everyone was bitching about Chris Knox and the Wadsworth boys because they ran so much and God forbid, it wasn't fair.  Each "team" has its strong and weak points.  If I really wanted to win, I would get off my butt and lose way more weight and exercise and get in good shape.  I admire those that do....mb<<<<<<
    I'll second that.  I remember the ROC in Utah where Brian Weaver and some local had a few words because the local, whose daughter did some endurance, told Brian it was not fair that he got off and ran.  The guy was downright mean about it and told Brian he 'cheated'!!!  Of the many riders who did that ride, only 14 finished.  Brian won, and in the video, he is off and running every time you see him.  The horse he was riding was Annalea Moonbeam, who had suffered several carreer threatening injuries prior to that day and wasn't even considered to win.
    I run (I am a heavy middle weight) and I figure I am sparing my horse the concussion of trotting downhill with my weight on him.  It seems that is part of the game, no?????
    Laura Hayes