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    Re: [RC] WS100 Webcast - Lucy C Trumbull

    > Lucy,
    > I will be following whatever reports you, Richard, et.al., 
    > put together this year.
    Fingers crossed!
    I can't promise it'll be even close to what we managed
    for WS100. That required tons and tons of people. Tevis
    is more likely to be a much more limited bunch.
    But we'll try and get up as much as we can.
    > I am really looking forward to 
    > that weekend, again.  Looks like next year before I and 
    > Ranger will see you again...
    we'll look forward to seeing you.
    > ...you'll be riding next year right?
    er.... maybe <g>. Who knows. I'd love to, but my riding time
    is so limited that I don't know if I could pull off the
    conditioning that's needed to get the job done. Plus, me?
    be fit enough to do a 100? Right now I can't manage a 50...
    We'll see. :)
    Lucy Chaplin Trumbull - elsie@xxxxxxxxxxxx
    Repotted english person in Garden Valley (Sierra Foothills), CA 
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    Re: [RC] WS100 Webcast, DVeritas