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    Re: [RC] LD/BC/Weight Divisions - Merryben

    In a message dated 7/1/2002 6:45:29 PM Central Daylight Time, guest@xxxxxxxxxxxxx writes:

    In respect to the weight division issues; in our local rides there are a couple of heavyweights(?) that consisitently Top 10 and compete well for BC.  But they do a LOT of running.  They do the game very well and use the heavyweight scoring and their own athletic ability to their advantage.  This is good.  I'm not quite sure that reducing the weight scores in half would make a difference in LD BC scoring, and what's the point anyway?

    I do the results and that includes BC forms on anywhere from 6 to 10 rides a year.  Invariably, the horse with the highest vet score wins BC.  The only times I can remember when it didn't is if the vet scores are really close, the time usually makes the difference.  Almost always, the high vet score takes it though.  For example, at a recent ride, I think 6 horses showed for BC and the 10th place horse with an outstanding vet score took BC.  The rider was either a lw or a mw.  mb