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    [RC] Mariposa - Scott & Dede Johnson

    > Anybody heard about Mariposa yet?
    Well, I don't have anything official, but I was there helping so I can tell
    you what I know from that standpoint.
    The 50 milers had a tough trail!! I heard more than once that this is a good
    conditioning ride for Tevis.  The first 25 mile loop was pretty nice from
    what riders told me (was also the same loop for the LDs).  If you've never
    been up there, it's very beautiful country!  The second loop was pretty
    tough, from what I heard.  We manned the crossing guard of a road that the
    riders had to cross, which was 1.5 miles from the finish. The 50s started at
    6 am and we figured we'd be seeing most by 2 or 3 o'clock, but many riders
    used a good portion of their 12 hours to complete the ride.  It was pretty
    warm but lots of water on the trail.
    There were about 50 riders in the 50 and around 10 were pulled.  Only 8
    riders in the 25 and I think they all completed.  Again, this is nothing
    Potato Richardson was first in the 50 and a young woman from France that
    rode with him was second (sorry, can't remember the name).
    For those of you that live close enough, if you've ever thought about doing
    the Mariposa Run For the Gold, I would recommend it.  It is a challenging
    trail but very pretty.  I would have been riding it, in fact, but my
    flat-lander horse was just not ready for those hills.  Lots of nice folks
    from the Mariposa Mountain Riders were there (they sponsored the ride)
    helping out.  I met some great people!
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