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    [RC] Starting a e-lyte program/feeding program - kit kat


    I am sure this topic has been asked over and over again. But I have dial up AOL, and it says goodbye more then hello... so looking at old ridecamp archives is hard... writing an email can be hard as a reconnect at least 3 times in 1 hr:) BUT alas... DSL is coming to my home on the 8th. But...now, down to my questions. As you all have probably seen, I am getting my New horse tomorrow. He is about 50lbs underweight, and I KNOW moving from is stressful and a weightloss time. She feeds him out in a feild with 5 other horses and feeds a bale a feeding(2 times a day) bales usually 12 flakes, 5 horses, 2.5 flakes each......but the pigs get more and the lesser horses get less. So, I estimate 2 flakes, 2 times a day. But I want to put weight on him. I have a bucket of complete vitamins(from my last horse) and I have electrolytes that are supposed to be put in there water. NOW, I plan to give him 2 flakes, but not increase that as he will be on pasture, and he is not on that now. But I want to feed him grain. So, I plan to give him beet pulp, with complete pellets( a little at first, then more as I workout). Also, 1/4 scoop vitamins each day and slowly increase that. Now, about me E-lytes... Should I give him some from the moment he arrives... just a LITTLE bit in his water... Then slowly increase as my workouts increase? Or do I just give him the same doesage that my mare was getting when she was in training. She got 5 tablespoons in her 30L of water. I was thinking only 1 tablespoon to begin with, so he right away gets the taste and will not bulk later when I suddenly put this stuff in his water. Tell me if you think this is ok sounding... my mom thinks its sound good and im not going to make him sick. Also, There is an endurance ride on septermber 7... only 2 month away. Now, If I put him in a training program, would it be to soon to take him to it. I would only plan to do half of the 25 miler. I just think it would be great exposure and for him to see the ropes of it all before next season, as that is the last endurance ride of the year for us. Thanks for everyone who has writen in with encouraging words on my pick of a horse.... and Again, thank for everyone who can help me decided what do to with my feeding/e-lyte program.

    PS, I got kicked of 2 times well writing this email:)  GOODBYE!

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