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    [RC] Fw: A.B. 1058 Fast One, Californians only need read this!! - Lori Bertolucci

    Hey There Californian Ridecampers! I just received this today. If you still want to be able to afford to drive those trucks and RV's to rides, you may want to read this and help take some action.
    Lori B.
    ----- Original Message -----
    From: Bill George
    Sent: Monday, July 01, 2002 3:01 PM
    Subject: A.B. 1058 Fast One

    Dear Concerned Californian:

    Thank you for using the www.wedrive.org web site to voice your opposition to legislation in the California legislature that would give the California Air Resources Board unlimited power to decide what type of vehicle you drive, and could restrict your ability to purchase a sport utility vehicle, pickup truck or minivan.

    Thanks to your efforts, we stopped AB 1058, the bill that would give the Air Board this unlimited power.

    The supporters of this anti-driving law must think you’re either stupid or pretty easy to fool.  In our past email to you, we warned that supporters of this bill could make a change to try and pull some tricks to get this bill passed.  It comes as no surprise to us that this is exactly what they are now trying to do.   The Los Angeles Times reported the “state Senate on Saturday passed a hastily drafted bill that would make California the first state to regulate exhaust emissions to reduce global warming.  The bill was written Friday night and rushed to the floor without normal committee hearings.”

    They’re trying to pull a fast one by sneaking a bill similar to AB 1058 through the Legislature.  This bill now has a new number.  It is AB 1493 and it still seriously limits your choice of new vehicles and increases the cost of driving in California.    Over the weekend, Senators gutted the bill of its original contents, which dealt with the Bureau of State Audits, and inserted the language from AB 1058.  This bill has already passed the state Senate and only needs approval by the Assembly to be sent to Governor Davis and possibly be signed into law.

    Don’t be fooled by this outrageous bait and switch.  More than one hundred thousand Californians have already urged their elected officials to scrap the first anti-driving bill, AB 1058, and AB 1493 is no different.  It’s a bad proposal that hurts hard-working families, farmers, businesses and our economy and must be defeated.

    AB 1493 still gives almost unlimited power to non-elected state bureaucrats to decide what kind of vehicles we’ll drive in the future. You can bet that consumers will pay much more for cars designed just for California.  And some cars sold in other states just won’t be available here.

    You can still play a part in helping us defeat his legislation.
    Call 1-800-988-2588 toll free today to talk to your legislator’s office directly.  Tell them to vote no on AB 1493, AB 1058 or any other anti-driving tax.  

    Or, go to www.wedrive.org NOW to send an urgent e-mail to your elected officials to vote NO on AB 1493 and NO on AB 1058. 

    Thanks for your help.  You have kept this legislation from becoming law. With your help, we can still defeat this bad bill, no matter what form it takes.