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    Re: [RC] Sport Horse in hand class - Laney Humphrey

    Hi Valerie,
        I took a mare that I trained for endurance but also dressage to 2 shows in region 3.  What my far more horse show knowledgeable friend and I noticed is that the judges tend to prefer horses of the type traditional for whatever performance classes they are carded to judge - the hunter/jumper judge at the first show defnitely preferred hunter types while the dressage judge at the second liked the more dressagey horses.  We joked about taking a lean, fit endurance horse but realized that none of the judges would have a clue what to look for.
        The classes are a good start in the right direction for arabian shows but still have some bugs to work out.  Most of the  horses I saw in the classes in both shows were performance horses but there were folks putting their horses in every class whether the rider knew what the requirements were or not.  Personally, I believe that the more "sport horse" (including endurance!) horses that get entered (and shown well) the better.  If it appears that the judge prefers more "halter" types, talk (not complain!) to him/her and also to the show management.  The sport horse classes are the fastest growing in arabian shows and management wants to do it right.
        Good luck!

    Carizima@xxxxxxx wrote:

    Is anyone doing the Sport Horse in Hand classes ? . I'm taking my budding Endurance horse to the Region 3 pre-show to try and quailfy him . He looks good to me and is keep his weight on but compared to a show horse he is on the lean athletic side .  I wonder if anyone has shown their Endurance horses in this class ? We have shown our Dressage horse for the last couple years and he has done well . I have noticed a disturbing trend with regular halter horses in these classes and wonder if it has turned into Sport halter and I shouldn't bother . Thanks

    Valerie - in Reno

    [RC] Sport Horse in hand class, Carizima