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    [RC] Proposal for Change in LD BC award definition - Stephanie_D_Adair

    From: Michael Maul <mmaul@xxxxxxxxx>
    Subject: [RC]   Proposal for Change in LD BC award definition
    Since you are chairperson of the LD committee - I'd like to
    ask that your committee consider presenting a proposal for a
    modified definition for BC for LD at the midyear BoD
    meeting.  Can you pass this along to the members of the
    committee who don't have listed email addresses.
    I think it's important that we get something that can be
    supported nationwide. This may mean that it doesn't have the
    same definition that endurance does for BC.
    The boundary conditions the I'm suggesting - and it's up to
    the committee - are
    I'm so tired of this thread, I've been just deleting them.  Somehow I had
    the misfortune of reading this one and am a little erked.  CT region is
    great, should problems in other regions affect us?  I sure hope not.
    1.  It's not based on just top 10. Why? I enjoy finishing, but if I get top
    ten, what a feeling!
    2.  If you "race" - it may negatively affect your chances of
    getting the award  Why? You won't get BC if you OVER-race.  I had the
    pleasure of riding for a short time with two ladies that have done 100's,
    the Tevis, and butt-loads of 50's, on *the same horses*.  They mainly do
    25's now.  They had a pace I could not hang with, and placed ahead of me.
    Yeah, they were racing (in my book, not in theirs).  Apparently with a
    great deal of knowledge between them, you gonna "negatively affect" them?
    Like they don't know s*** from applebutter?
    Maybe we should all make it a LD endurance PACE.  Whoever does 25 miles in
    5 hours and 59 minutes is the winnner!
    3.  It takes into account that there may be a limited amount
    of vet time available for this.  They may not have time to
    look at every horse in the LD ride.  WHAT? I'm the mother of a toddler.  I
    cannot devote myself to being the *true* endurance rider and move up to
    50's at this time.  After 20 miles, I'm tired!  My horse is getting tired!
    It's 90 degrees with 100% humidity.  You mean I can't have the peace of
    mind, the professional 2nd opinion, the Vet's double okay that we completed
    in good condition?  I know we have, but I have double vision at this point,
    what If I miss something that the vet will pick up on?  Hell, let's just
    leave the vet out of the whole race.  If the 50+ milers in other regions
    think the LD riders don't need a vet check, then maybe they wouldn't need a
    vet check either?  Shoot, that would really reduce our entry fees!
    4.  It's something that we believe will be accepted in all
    regions for LD rides.  Why?  Nothing's broke in the CT region.
    5.  ???
    So is the answer no more LD?  Or maybe we should have an American Limited
    Distance Ride Conference.  Then I can join that club, pay those entry fees,
    *and* have a vet check my horse.  Then when my son gets older and I have
    more riding time.  I can start the year doing 25's and move up to 50s in
    the fall.  Then I can spend twice the money and join AERC and ALDRC.  Hell,
    they're both races, but separate races, just some people feel they need to
    be separated  further.  Let's bash 25ers!  Some ride to top ten, other's to
    finish.  Um, 50 milers do the same thing.  Some will top ten quite often,
    others finish in the back of the pack, happily!
    I'll get off my soapbox.  All is well in Texas and I don't want to see
    things change.  So can we drop it already? Please?
    "Not Slow, Not Fast, just Half-fast"
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