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    Re: [RC] Crupper - DESERTRYDR1

    And it's not always only a conformation problem.  Some riders need breast 
    collars and cruppers more than others.  My girlfriend has problems with the 
    saddle moving around on all of her horses.  I have never ridden with a 
    crupper or breast collar, she never rides without them.  I have ridden her 
    horses, and haven't used a crupper and breast collar over the same terrain 
    that she does, and have not had significant saddle movement.  She's a good 
    rider, so I'm not sure why the difference, but it's definitely there.  I 
    don't think it's a security thing, as I have seen her saddle slide around, 
    and she has to get off and reset and recinch the saddle.  Also her saddle 
    pads tend to scoot out from under the saddle.  Any tips I can pass on would 
    be appreciated.  jeri
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