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    [RC] Feeding an Idle horse: Kicking horse etc. - Ridecamp Guest

    Louisa Pierce Louisa_Pierce@xxxxxxxx
    Background:  My girl friends horse recieved a sprial fracture from another horse back
    around Nov 2001.  (but he was not blameless)  He was stall bound for about 4 months.  
    The entire time he stayed on Nutrena Vitality and beet pulp.  
    When it was time for him to go on 1/2 day turn out.  She moved him to my barn.
    He did not like being in his stall for obvious reasons, so we put him out in a very
    small turn our area, and he decided to "eat" my barn, fence and dig holes.
    Okay...we get thru that and he goes out side full time now and is in very light work.
    He is not "eating" my horses - well okay, chases and bites them all, and still when he goes in
    the stall (after a 14 hr turn out) he proceeds to kick the wall (when no one is there to see) and
    he has now "structurally damanged" my post and beam barn.
    I have been more then patient with him.  I think alot of his problem is his food/grain.  You all
    seem to know alot of about feeding.  What do you think?  He is getting way to much protien w/
    little to no work.?  I have told the owner this, but so far she has no intention on changing his grain
    just yet, but is thinking about it.
    He know has to stay outside 24/7, but that is not working. He is getting eaten by bugs and he
    is not getting any rest and he is 100% bitten all over his body.  I feel I am stuck - I can't
    put him side and I hate to leave him outside.
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