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    [RC] Hopefully the search is over! - kit kat

    Hi Everyone! Well, Im sure a few of you had seen my post of my troubles of finding a horse. Well........ BOY OH BOY.... today, I made up my mind. And some may even laff about this. The very first horse I went to look at was a arab/saddlebred gelding. Grey, 14,3hh. A little skinny, also narrow. Green broke. But beautiful floating trot. Well, I rode him all over and really liked him... but worried that I was jumping on a new horse to fast.....and also, thought maybe I was to fat to ride him. After all, I have been told that one to many times. Well today, we had 4 horses lined up to see. This is after looking at about 10 other, taking one home and sending it back and crying some nights because I thought I was never going to find the right horse(But my thoughts always turned back to the first horse I saw, but I figured they had sold it already, he is a GREAT deal) So, first horse...... 18 yr old QH/APPY cross...it would be for me for a while, then for my mom to use. Girl says on phone, a LITTLE skinny. SO, I get there and there is this POOR half dead horse. He has lice so bad, it has made him anemic(sp?) he wasn't that skinny, but could barely stand. Almost fell down when I asked him to walk. His resting pulse rate was 28(HOLY CRAP) and I checked it 3 times. I thought I was wrong. So my mom checked it, and same thing. So.......we politely said........NO THANKS. Next horse.... 6 yr old standardbred mare, broke to ride/drive. Well we get there, and I was going to cry. They had 3 horses, all about 300lbs underweight. I had to leave right away...... I'm not into the rescue business, or if I was, I would own 4 new horses right now. Then Off to another farm, 1 standardbred mare, reg, broke to ride. One pinto gelding, broke to ride. Well we get there, and they are about 200lbs OVERweight....haha, that is not SO bad. So she gets on the standardbred. Buck, rear, snort, runs back to feild buddy.....no thanks. Get on the pinto(does not know what breed) Very nice face, but funny but, looks perovian....no.......not likely. So she gets on...... TOLTING away. There are big covers on the sturrips, for good reason. He reached around and grabbed the cover and attacked it..........thank god not her foot. Rear, tries to ride to feild buddy, a little better trained....... no thanks. And, take into account, all these horses are in the $2000 range. I say, thats it, I give up. So I say......mom, Im going to call the lady with the arab that I looked at 5 weeks ago. Sure enough, not sold and would LOVE for me to come see him. I go there and he sees me and trots to the fence and whinny's(owner is still in the house, and when my mom tried to pet him, he backed away, only wanted me to pet him). So the owner comes out, I saddle him up, hop and, and she says, "oh, yeah, you were the last one to ride him" So I walk/trot him around his field, get off, and say, yes, I want him. So, he comes home to me on tuesday. Sometimes, I guess a horse is ment for you. I think he should have sold... 5 weeks at the price she was asking, someone should have snapped him up. But no. Now, I get to have my new gelding, Prozac's joy ride. AND I want to thank all of you, that said, do not listen to what others said. I did that, and was willing to pass up my future endurance horse because of a few nasty ppl saying im to fat to be riding. OH AND ALSO, he has lived with, cows, goats and pigs.....im ok there:) So, now, I get my new horse, and put him into training soon. He needs a little weight, and we need to bond, but I think we are half way there already. The owner said, I was only the 5th rider to ride him and second rider to ever take him out on trails.... she was so happy I came back because most of the ppl that she had met, she did not like. So, I will keep you all updated on how we are doing, and when we do our first ride!!!!!(not for a while yet) And also, I hope an arab/saddlebred is good for endurance, but even if not, he is to great to pass up:)
    Sarah(No more running around pretending to be riding)
    Soon to be horse "prozac"(Im gonna miss all my buddies)

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