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    [RC] USET Squad - Linda B. Merims

    >Named as the nine alternates (ranked in order by the Selectors): 
    >1. Joyce Sousa of Hydesville, CA, and LV Integrity 
    >2. Becky Harris            of Medina, OH, and Ga Tyfa Mynte 
    Angie McGhee said:
    >I was glad to see someone who had rotten luck in VT
    >have their luck turn around. Poor Cia Reis had one of the
    >best looking horses there and he got tangled in a metal corral
    >a day or two before the Pan Ams and didn't get
    >to start....
    Ditto for Becky Harris at Pan Am.  I had dinner with her
    and, I think, Connie Caudill the day before the race.  They
    were way nicer to me than any nobody from nowhere
    who happened to be sitting at the same table had a right
    to expect.
    I rooted for Becky all day long.  She started in the middle
    of the pack, but I noticed she was slowly working her way
    up all day long.  When she left the 60 mile check at
    GHMA, she was very close to being in the top 10.
    Becky continued to improve her position through that final
    long loop until she was, I believe, 6th leaving the final vet stop
    four miles out from the finish.  Then that <expletive deleted>
    SOB who lives next to the trail took down all the glowsticks
    and deliberately directed both her and Karen Clark down the
    *wrong* trail, costing both of them their Top-10 finish.
    It is good to see that both Becky and her horse GA Tyfa Mynte
    are nonetheless getting the long-term recognition that they
    Linda B. Merims
    Massachusetts, USA
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