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    [RC] Mountain Lion (Part Two) - nina bomar

    After lots of bouncing and a few kicks to the forehead, I miraculously found myself standing staring at the face of a very giant Mt Lion.  I remember blinking a few times because I thought I was hallucinating and I definitely was feeling light headed and dizzy.  The Mt Lion stared back at me and without thinking I went into a fit of rage, screaming and flailing my arms, blurting out obscenities as if I'd lost my mind.  It was one of those out of body experiences where you can look down at yourself and say, is that me doing that!!!
    I have to admit that I do have a very big voice, in fact I was always being told to quite down as a young girl but surely God gave me this voice to be heard and the Mt Lion heard me loud and clear.  He/She looked puzzled by my reaction and pinned his ears back settling in on his rear haunches, but never backing away.  I decided after I had run out of steam, I should probably move along and get the hell out of there.  I only looked back once to see if it was following me and then my energy was directed towards finding my horses.  I felt achy, frightened and knew that I couldn't stop or I would have passed out. 
    As I walked along the trail in search of my horses I confronted a pair of bicyclists who asked me if I was okay???  What a crazy question I thought as I staggered on.  The woman said she was concerned about me and he partner asked if I had lost a pair of horses???  I managed to blurt out that I had fallen of my horse and that there was a Mt Lion back there on the trail.  The guy inquired with more detail about which side of the trail he was on etc... and I just kept walking.  I prayed aloud to God and anyone else that would listen to please help me find my horses safe and sound. 
    About 3 miles later I felt this burning energy that my horses were nearby.  It was like a silent cry for help that engulfed me, but I could not see them anywhere.  I kept walking and then suddenly to my left down in a small valley, I could see my mare Lola staring at me.  She was standing perfectly still behind what appeared to be a barbed wire fence.  I thought, oh dear God don't let her try and jump that fence to get to me.  I started talking to her and telling her that I was coming and to please stay there.  I could see Gitano's head peaking over the saddle and watching me with his curious eyes.  I tried to run but couldn't and once I reached them I could see that the mare was fine.  She didn't have a scratch on her.  I was trembling as my eyes scanned her whole body and I kissed her neck and patted Gitano on the forehead.  After I looked her over, I ducked under her neck to the other side to grab Gitano's lead-line.  They were both being so quite it was almost eerie. 
    To my absolute horror, when I got on the other side of Lola, I looked down and Gitano's left front leg was completely severed in half just below his knee.  The canon bone was exposed and jagged with a three inch piece of skin holding the bottom half of his leg.  His hoof dangled and twisted in different directions with his slightest move.  It was dreadful.  I hugged him and promised that everything was going to be okay.  He buried his head into my chest and if I could have picked him up to cradle him, I would of.  He basically turned himself over to me with complete faith that I would rescue him and that's what I tried to do within the next 45 minutes.