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    [RC] horse tying up[ - superpat

    Hello all,
    Here is a horse and endurance related topic to get us back to horse
    related things.
    I recently sold what I consider to be my strongest horse, a seven year
    old 3/4 Arabian mare. She was foaled at my place and brought along
    carefully and slowly and has never had a  medical issue in her life. She
    has completed two 25 milers, and four 50 milers (some of them really
    tough ones) with ease.
    She was purchased by a really wonderful lady in the San Diego area and
    the trip from Southern Oregon to California was done in two days with a
    layover at a fairgrounds in Modesto.
    She was quarantined for a week and I understand that she never got any
    turnout. When ridden out, she had a mild "tie-up". The vet administered
    Banamine and thought it was due to probably slight dehydration from the
    trip and standing in a stall.
    She was only given a week and ridden again and again tied up. The report
    on the blood work is:

    Her white and red blood cell count was
    normal, calcium was normal, UN was normal, protein was
    normal.  But her AST was 1874 and CK was 1209.  This
    is in the moderate range - high but not dangerously

    My vet still feels that the trailer ride for a day,
    standing in a stall that night, trailering again the
    next day and then having to be in a barn stall for a
    few days on top of continuing grain and being
    dehydrated when she got here is what caused the
    initial tie up.  He feels the second tie up was
    because it was just too soon after the initial one tie

    OK....still no turn out and here is the rest of poor Kit's saga:

    Things are not going well here with Kit.  It is really
    tough for me because I really like her, but she tied
    up again.  I have not been able to ride her without
    her tying up.  In speaking with my vet, he believes
    she needs to go back to a situation where she can move
    around in pasture.  I think that has been the biggest
    adjustment for her.

    After the last time she tied up, the vet wanted me to
    hand-walk her for 7 to 10 days.  This was done twice a
    day.  On day 8 we ponied her quietly down the trail
    for 1 1/2 miles.  She just walked and looked ok.  On
    day ten I rode her on the trail.  We went for a quiet
    walk for about an hour.  When we got back I decided to
    go in the arena and trot a bit since I had never even
    trotted her yet.  After not more than ten minutes she
    began to get short in the hind.  I immediately had
    someone open the gate so I could get her to her stall
    before she completely tied up.  I sent a message to
    the barn office for banamine and they met me on the
    way to the stall.  She received banamine within
    minutes.  Before I could even get the saddle off of
    her she was completely tied up in the hind.  The vet
    ended up showing up and we also gave her ace to relax
    her muscles.

    The interesting thing is that she never shows signs of
    distress such as nervousness or sweating before she
    begins to get tight. I do not know what is going on
    with this poor mare, but I do not know what else to

    I think it would be in her best interest to get her
    back to a place where she can move around all day.  I
    am very sorry.  I am having a hard time with this
    because I have become attached to her.  She is a great
    mare and from what I have learned in riding her those
    very short times, she is well broke.  She did
    everything I asked of her.

    I think that the mare was never given a chance to recover from the assault to her system. When another of my horses tied up (big time), I gave her, as I remember, at least a month of no riding and she has never had a recurrence. My plan is to give her a couple of weeks and then bring her home for some real R & R and then condition her to do a couple of 50's again and perhaps think about selling her next spring.

    My question to you out there is : What would have caused a perfectly
    healthy horse to tie- up and why does she continue to do so? Is it, as I
    think, that she needs more time to get her system back to functioning?
    In seven years this horse has been put under stress of training and hard
    riding, etc and never had even a runny nose. Anyone have any thoughts on