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    Re: [RC] Howard's Final CYA - Lisa Redmond

    All I can say is:  I'm flabbergasted.  Actually, I had this long,
    well-thought out commentary written about first impressions of ridecamp and
    current impressions of a sport I thought I wanted to get into.  I even got
    as far as sending it to my outbox before deleting it.
    Howard:  If you're lurking and reading this, I hate to see you go.  Your
    offbeat approach to life has made my inbox  a delightful place to visit--I
    never knew what to expect when I opened your posts.  I know you said we
    shouldn't leave just because you were booted, but I'm just not sure I can
    accede to that request.  I have to wonder if somewhere down the line someone
    on this list might decide to put me in their crosshairs, and whether that's
    a chance worth taking.  It gives me something to ponder as I run the
    gauntlet of  I-81 tomorrow.
    Lisa (Deeply troubled)
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