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    Re: [RC] Farewell to Howard - RhndLev

    So, is it true that Howard has been booted from ridecamp?  If so, I think 
    that's a mistake and I'd like to see that decision rescinded.  I have learned 
    a great deal from Howard's experiences.  Also, in some strange way, he has 
    inspired me.  Do you guys remember when Howard joined the list and wrote 
    about his first 25's?  How he said he didn't think he could EVER do a 50?  
    But then he did?  And how he wasn't too proud to tell us about his mistakes 
    so we can learn from them even if he doesn't?  LOL.  Shoot, if HOWARD can do 
    a 50, then maybe I can too someday.  Steph, please let Howard come back.  I 
    bet he'll stay on the subject of endurance for at least six months or so.
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