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    [RC] The purpose of the trot out - Laura Hayes

    Frank wrote:   <<<<What exactly is the purpose of the "trot out"?
            Is it to determine whether the horse is sound?
        If so, then I don't see whether hazing is or is not even relevant.
        I know some would tell me that some vets use the trot out to check on the
    horse's attitude, alertness, willingness, etc.
        But, isn't soundness the primary concern during a trot out?
        Haze 'em , if you got to, don't haze 'em if you don't want to, but to
    determine whether they are sound, grade 1, grade 2, grade 3 or grade 4, get
    'em to TROT.>>>>
    The purpose of the trot out is to help determine the physical and mental state of the horse.  The impulsion, and attitude are as important to the overall assesment, as is the trot.  If the horse trotted out with impusion, had it's ears forward and responded to his handler at the vet in, and then could not perform that way at 75 miles, it would be safe to assume that the horse was tired and that would be a factor in the bigger picture.
    Hazing your horse, or the NEED to haze it, tells the vet many things about your horse's physical and mental state.  Beyond that, it is most certainly possible to have an absolutely sound horse who can no longer go on, and will be pulled.
    Laura Hayes #2741