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    [RC] Bickmore Gall Salve - Kansahitch

    I had read about this product this winter. I have a mare who is the curvy, 
    loose skinned Arabian who tends to easily get galls. The girth which has 
    proved to be best for her is a Wintec dressage girth. Utilizing a crupper on 
    my dressage saddle I can keep the girth pretty much (about 4") away from this 
    pocket. The little tin of Bickmore Gall Salve arrived today. Any good advice 
    about its use is appreciated. Would it be wise to apply some to the girth 
    area before riding her this weekend at Hill and Dale. I have also been using 
    aloe vera gel which seems to be pretty good protection. Thanks for your help 
    and suggestions.--Liz
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