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    Re: Re[2]: [RC] Pre-Ride VC Issues and a few others - Heidi Smith

    > Our lameness definition says a horse is lame and not fit to continue IF
    > he displays an abnormally of gait  actually aberration of gait - that is
    > consistently observable under all circumstances  that results in
    > pain or threatens  immediate athletic performance. All can read
    > on page 8 of our Rules.  I concur 100 percent with that
    > section.
    Roger, I'm not going to go look up chapter and verse, but our rules also
    allow the veterinarian to pull the horse for ANY reason that he/she feels
    will endanger the horse, and the vet's word is final.  The rule you quote
    basically means (as I read it) that no horse that bad or worse will be
    allowed to continue.  But if the vet feels that a more minor lameness will
    progress to something that will cause the horse injury, then the vet CAN and
    SHOULD pull the horse.  By making the "line in the sand" at Grade 2, the vet
    is allowed some leeway for sorting out things such as mild arthritis in an
    oldster from something that could be the beginnings of a serious problem.
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