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    [RC] OD-Massage - Hickory Ridge Arabians

    THANK YOU!!!
    My horse thanks you for the wonderful massage you gave him...
    He was great, a little stiff on the first loop, but very full of
    energy and he actually did better as the day went on!!
    Ridecampers...you know how great it feels to get a massage,
    anytime you can get one for your horse, he/she will love you
    for it, besides they do all the work, right??!!
    Ryan(our 12 year old son) and I finished the OD 50!!! YEAH!!!!
    Jerry and I are so proud of him, he finished his 3rd 50!!!
    That little mare could have gone on done another 50 miles!!
    It was great riding with Shelly from Delaware, hope we can do
    it again sometime...we rode with Tom from North Carolina, but we lost 
    him at the 3rd vet check<g>, his 1st Endurance ride!!! I told him he 
    was a strong person to pick the OD 50 to be his first Endurance ride
    Wouldn't most people have picked a flat ride?? Not one
    of the most challenging 50's in the country!!
    BTW...Susan K....I owe you one!!! You lied to me about those darn
    Have a great day everyone!!!
    Diane Fruth
    Jerry & Diane Fruth
    Hickory Ridge Arabians
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