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    [RC] Shivering - kathy . mayeda

    Eeeh gawds....... I hate to tell you this, but my horse 
    Beau who had been scoped positive for ulcers shivers 
    lately in isolated ocasions.  He was shivering real bad 
    before the Grant Ranch SASO ride, shivered before the 
    Wine country ride, and shivered even last Saturday which 
    was a real warm morning before my training ride.  The 
    first time I noticed him shivering ever was at before 
    the first ride of the season last year and I ended up 
    pulling him at lunch because he was acting wierd even 
    though he vetted okay. The rest of the season he didn't 
    shiver. Once he gets moving - like REALLY moving he 
    stops shivering and doesn't APPEAR to have any physical 
    problems even after a strenuous ride.  Becky Hart told 
    me that Rio would shiver sometimes before rides in 
    anticipation and excitement.
    I don't know if it's the ulcer that is making him 
    shiver, but the way he acts and looks it appears to be 
    stress related.  Or just the anticipation and excitement.
    This is something I'm searching for the answer too.
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