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    [RC] [RC] Critical Thinking/The six rules of evidential reasoning /was pet communicators - kathy . mayeda

    I don't even attempt to try to convince someone with 
    a "scientific" point of view about these issues.  I'm 
    rolling my eyes and shaking my head myself. (Yeah, they 
    just DON'T GET IT.)  I have college education in 
    biology, biology and have worked in the engineering 
    environment for years so it's not that I dont' know 
    anything about science.  I'm sure that there are many of 
    us "true believers" as TI would call us, that have a 
    science background.
    I was a biology major until I decided I couldn't deal 
    with Watson and Crick.  Breaking down the essence of 
    plants and animals into molecular structures just plain 
    bugged me.  Scientific data is wonderful, but when you 
    stop looking at the whole picture while you are 
    disecting, one could become blind to other modes of 
    Like - you have bugs in your flowers.  Let's use science 
    to kill those bugs.  But the bugs are there for a 
    purpose and man has disrupted a cycle and in fact has 
    started to poison himself.  
    There have been several instances in my life where 
    an "regular" doctor would not offer working solutions to 
    some issues, but someone who is wise in "holistic" ways 
    had pointed me the way into resolving body balance 
    issues in myself and my horses.
    That being said, if there is a drug that is proven to 
    cure certain conditions, I would use that drug over 
    herbal remedies, homeopathy, etc.  If I break any bones, 
    I for certain will not be seing my chiropractor, but 
    will be seeing an orthopedic M.D.
    There may be pet pscyhic charlatans out there. However, 
    I'm sure that you have all experienced a moment when you 
    communicate with your horses on an emotional level.  
    Just because a Watson and Crick have no molecular 
    formula derived for it does not mean it doesn't exist.
    Eastern medicine is gaining more acceptance in the 
    Western world.  And a lot of eastern medicine are based 
    on energy flows that don't necessarily fall into Western 
    scientific viewpoints.
    Linda sez:
    For many people, this kind of stuff is just as valid as 
    evidence because they have so little knowledge of 
    science, that,
    to them, science and magic are indistinguishable.  So 
    why shouldn't
    something magical like this work?
    Most people with a scientific/technical world view have 
    given up ever trying to convince the unconvinceable, and 
    so are
    quiet when this kind of stuff comes up in public 
    Who is the greater fool?  The fool or the fool who tries 
    reason with a fool?
    But don't assume the silence is assent.  You just can't 
    the eyes rolling and the heads shaking as they read 
    these kinds
    of posts.
    Linda B. Merims
    Massachusetts, USA
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