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  • - Maryanne Stroud Gabbani

    Re: [RC] was electrolytes, now Fort Howes - Heidi Smith

    Pardon me for chuckling, but I'll bet you'd've had to drive a LONG ways from Fort Howes to get cell service! 
    Steph already posted a much more complete blurb about the 100 than what I remembered, but I will add that of those I saw judge for BC, if I'd've had to have ridden out of camp to get away from the angry Sioux, I'd've wanted to have been on either Heather's horse Crystal Charm (Red) or Carol Giles' horse SAR Tiki Stranger.  While they all looked justifiably tired, those two looked like they could have easily gone out on another loop.
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    Nothing yet.  I have Becky Hart's dog and may not give him back to her if no one calls me.  I also have Heather's wedding present.  I can blackmail them with that.  I will try BEcky's and Skip's cell phones later....mb