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    Re: [RC] FirecrackerRide Terrain? - Merryben

    Donna, Donna, Donna......Since you are only doing a 30, how can that be all that hard......lol............If you mean the Firework's Ride in early August, it is an easy ride.  I have done the 50 and the 30 [yes, I did an LD ride the year before last but please don't tell anyone].  I wanted to see if I could still ride after being laid up for 3 years.  Took me the full 6 hours cause I just could not face trotting anymore.  The ride is near the Castlerock and Swanton Pacific trails but does not have the mountains like they do.  The camp is located across the highway from the beach and sometimes the fog rolls in but usually it is great weather.......maryben
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