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    Re: [RC] ? - Keeping horse's cool - DESERTRYDR1

    I have a new method for keeping my horse cool, at least I've never heard of 
    any one else using it.  I carry my water in water bottles, I have the 
    capacity for 3 or 4 bottles, each about 20 oz.  That's usually enough to get 
    me through a ride, especially a 25 miler, or especially if some of the vet 
    checks are in camp.  I also carry a water backpack, like a Camelback but not 
    that brand.  It has a 70 oz. capacity.  I use it to put water on my horse's 
    shoulders and neck and even on her flanks.  It has a long (30") hose with a 
    bite valve, which I can squeeze on to her neck or flanks, then spread the 
    water around a bit with my  hand so it doesn't all run off.  That way the 
    horse is not using as much body fluid for cooling.  It's not as effective as 
    sponging, but it's easy to do out on the trail between water, is pretty 
    sparing of water, and if I run out of people water I can drink it.  I also 
    carry a sponge, and sponge at every water.  Repeat SPONGE AT EVERY WATER.  
    Thanks Angie, you've taught me well.
    Have not done a REALLY hot ride with this setup, but I rode my Arab mare 
    about 20 miles conditioning when it was 100-105 degrees out and she didn't 
    ever seem uncomfortably hot, and wasn't very dehydrated by skin tenting and 
    mucous membrane check.  There was only one spot where she could actually 
    drink, because we rode in the desert next to an irrigation ditch, and some 
    kind endurance rider had a bucket with rope attached hidden next to the 
    ditch.  jeri
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