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    Re: [RC] Born to Trot? - Maggie & David

    Trilby's old horse, Lad, was gaited. I had the pleasure of riding with her at a ride in southern Ohio. He had a phenomenal trot, but he could also do a singlefoot-type gait.
    Maggie Pritchard
    Actually I have heard of "gaited arabs".LYour basic rule of the dice, genetics, resessive gene perhaps popping up. Laurie
    I didn't know my endurance greenie walking as fast and as long strided as he is was such a good thing!! I'm very happy about it. He can definately outwalk everyone I ride with. He gets impatient sometimes having to stop for my friends to catch up. That fast walk feels like a different gait--almost like he is gaited--but he is all Arab.
    Sometimes I take him out alone so he can walk at his speed the whole way and he really likes that. He also really eats up hills at a fast walk too (when I'm not trotting them). I'm going to encourage his walk now.

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    Re: [RC] Born to Trot?, Laurie Durgin