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    Re: [RC] Bombproofing clinic - Lisa Redmond

    It's amazing what will spook a horse.  I worked with a mare when I was doing research that was calm, cool and collected no matter what I had to do to her...blood samples on a regular basis? No problem, just walk up to her in the paddock, take it, and leave.  No halter necessary.  Let a blimp go by, though, and Wow!  It was like a totally different horse.  I was in the shed getting blood tubes labeled and heard her going absolutely bonkers in the paddock--went outside and there goes the Met Life blimp, complete with Snoopy on the side...just floating along....and Lady running the fence line and hollering like someone had taken every buddy and baby she'd ever had away from her all at once.  You just never know what will trigger those tiny little brains to short-circuit.

    RE: [RC] Bombproofing clinic, Roby, Diane