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    [RC] SoCal Arabian horse auction - Lif Strand

    I just talked to my friend again who helped with the auction - the half a dozen or so horses that the stable bought to save from the killers will be sold sometime in the future - I will get names, pedigrees, vitals, etc. All horses yesterday and in the future were/ are sold with copies of the court order, a bill of sale and a complete description so that they can be registered with the AHR. When the tack room was opened, it was filled with cats - stunk to high heaven - as well as a couple of dogs chained in there (they did have food and water). No one at the barn was aware the animals were in there, I think this tack room was out of the way. There were other dogs found chained in stalls as well - something like 10 in all - the barn wasn't aware that so many dogs were there because they were never taken out of the stalls. I don't know why no one ever looked in the stalls, at least the feed guys, but who knows.

    My friend told me about all this, mentioned that she had literally starved some horses to death before this and had the balance of those taken from her, and also mentioned that the woman was living in the tack room or stalls (another thing the barn manager wasn't aware of - this is a city owned, privately managed facility and quite large). I asked her name, which is Linda Leonard - a name which vaguely rings a bell for me. Perhaps someone on this list will recall a problem person in northern CA a few years back in a similar situation, someone who had left a bad horse situation in somewhere the east coast before that - is this the same woman? My CRS is kicking in and I can't recall the details, and didn't save those emails. If anyone knows more about Linda Leonard, please contact me and I will forward the info. Thanks.

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