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    [RC] Helmets and injuries - Budler,Cindy - Afrox

    With the price of Troxels out here in South Africa we have a standing joke
    amongst our group of riders- when you fall off you NEVER hit your head- and
    the first thing you do is take off your Troxel and check if it is ok!! 
    As for my accident here it is- may you all learn! Went to feed my horses 5
    am on winter morning- went in to stable, fed old mare(21 , partially blind
    and deaf) - another loose mare tried to push into stable, and the old lady
    started kicking at her.First kick(double barrelled) hit me in face and head,
    I fell into corner at door, next 4 or 5 kicks hit me on back,hips and ribs.
    Screaming at horse- she couldn't hear me, only thought "I am going to die if
    I stay here!". Managed to crawl out door , stood up and tottered the 200 m
    to house. Whispered husband's name and he nearly fainted when he saw me-
    split lip, chipped tooth, bleeding nose and extremely black eyes already.
    Long story turned short- I was unemployed, no medical insurance so a week in
    our biggest Government hospital- if you have ever been to a third world
    country- that's our State hospitals - ever stood in a queue for 4 hours to
    be admitted? no baths, food eaten by hand, walk yourself to operating
    theatre, been the only white face in a hospital of 3000 patients? The
    Maxillo-Facial operating skills were the best- these guys think a few broken
    bones in a face(eye orbit, jaw bone and bridge of nose) is a picnic compared
    to stab wounds, beatings, car accidents, bullet wounds etc.The patients ALL
    knew me- the lady whose horse kicked her- I was the mascot and joke to all.
    Right side of face still a bit "dead" feeling - but I am the only one who
    can see anything . This was last July- in March this year my horse tripped
    and fell at a competition and managed to land on me- left side of face
    black- and left leg slightly squashed- had to even out the damage! - another
    trip to State hospital(I have insurance now- but the only available medical
    care was the local State hospital)- Great care-except from nurses who said
    they couldn't understand why people rode horses they clearly couldn't
    handle!!!! I am collecting the little blue cards they give you at these
    hospitals- will one day frame them!!!!!
    Cindy Budler
    Tel : 011 876 1179
    Cell : 0824641809
    E Mail : cindy.budler@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
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